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22.5. Selecting the Printer Model and Finishing

Once you have properly selected a printer queue type, you can choose either option:
Refer to Figure 22.7, “Selecting a Printer Model”.
Selecting a Printer Model
Selecting a Printer Model
Figure 22.7. Selecting a Printer Model

After choosing an option, click Forward to continue. Figure 22.7, “Selecting a Printer Model” appears. You now have to choose the corresponding model and driver for the printer.
The recommended printed driver is automatically selected based on the printer model you chose. The print driver processes the data that you want to print into a format the printer can understand. Since a local printer is attached directly to your computer, you need a printer driver to process the data that is sent to the printer.
If you have a PPD file for the device (usually provided by the manufacturer), you can select it by choosing Provide PPD file. You can then browse the filesystem for the PPD file by clicking Browse.

22.5.1. Confirming Printer Configuration

The last step is to confirm your printer configuration. Click Apply to add the print queue if the settings are correct. Click Back to modify the printer configuration.
After applying the changes, print a test page to ensure the configuration is correct. Refer to Section 22.6, “Printing a Test Page” for details.