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18.2. Network Time Protocol (NTP) Properties

As shown in Figure 18.2, “NTP Properties”, the second tabbed window that appears is for configuring NTP.
NTP Properties
NTP Properties
Figure 18.2. NTP Properties

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon synchronizes the system clock with a remote time server or time source. The application allows you to configure an NTP daemon to synchronize your system clock with a remote server. To enable this feature, select Enable Network Time Protocol. This enables the NTP Servers list and other options. You can choose one of the predefined servers, edit a predefined server by clicking the Edit or add a new server name by clicking Add. Your system does not start synchronizing with the NTP server until you click OK. After clicking OK, the configuration is saved and the NTP daemon is started (or restarted if it is already running).
Clicking the OK button applies any changes made to the date and time, the NTP daemon settings, and the time zone settings. It also exits the program.