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5.4.9. Configuring the IPv4 Settings Tab

Editing the IPv4 Settings Tab
The IPv4 Settings tab allows you to configure the method by which you connect to the Internet and enter IP address, route, and DNS information as required. The IPv4 Settings tab is available when you create and modify one of the following connection types: wired, wireless, mobile broadband, VPN or DSL. If you need to configure IPv6 addresses, refer to ???. If you need to configure static routes, which can be done by clicking on the Routes button, refer to ???.
If you are using DHCP to obtain a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server, you can simply set Method to Automatic (DHCP).

Setting the Method

Available IPv4 Methods by Connection Type
When you click the Method dropdown menu, depending on the type of connection you are configuring, you are able to select one of the following IPv4 connection methods. All of the methods are listed here according to which connection type or types they are associated with.
Automatic (DHCP) — Choose this option if the network you are connecting to uses a DHCP server to assign IP addresses. You do not need to fill in the DHCP client ID field.
Automatic (DHCP) addresses only
Link-Local Only
Shared to other computers
Wired, Wireless and DSL Connection Methods
Mobile Broadband Connection Methods
Automatic (PPP)
Automatic (PPP) addresses only
VPN Connection Methods
Automatic (VPN)
Automatic (VPN) addresses only
DSL Connection Methods
Automatic (PPPoE)
Automatic (PPPoE) addresses only