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14.7. Configuring a System to Authenticate Using OpenLDAP

This section provides a brief overview of how to configure OpenLDAP user authentication. Unless you are an OpenLDAP expert, more documentation than is provided here is necessary. Refer to the references provided in Section 14.9, “Additional Resources” for more information.
Install the Necessary LDAP Packages.
First, make sure that the appropriate packages are installed on both the LDAP server and the LDAP client machines. The LDAP server needs the openldap-servers package.
The openldap, openldap-clients, and nss_ldap packages need to be installed on all LDAP client machines.

Edit the Configuration Files

14.7.1. PAM and LDAP

To have standard PAM-enabled applications use LDAP for authentication, run the Authentication Configuration Tool (system-config-authentication) and select Enable LDAP Support under the the Authentication tab. For more about configuring PAM, refer to and the PAM man pages.