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27.5. Using the Command Line Interface

Crashes detected by ABRT can be viewed, reported, and deleted using the command line interface.

27.5.1. Viewing Crashes

To get a list of all crashes, simply enter abrt-cli --get-list:
~]# abrt-cli --get-list
    UID        : 501
    UUID       : d074c2882400b3ff245415e676ed53f22bb8e7b5
    Package    : gnome-packagekit-2.28.2-0.1.20091030git.fc12
    Executable : /usr/bin/gpk-application
    Crash Time : Wed 18 Nov 2009 12:07:40 PM CET
    Crash Count: 2
    UID        : 501
    UUID       : 52d0d2f64f0b07fb0e626ecdfa4ac4faadc38258
    Package    : gnome-commander-1.3-0.3.git_D20090929T1100_13dev.fc12
    Executable : /usr/libexec/gnome-commander/gnome-commander
    Crash Time : Wed 18 Nov 2009 04:58:46 PM CET
    Crash Count: 1

This output contains basic information for every crash. The UID: field shows the ID of the user which ran the program that caused the crash. It is useful when abrt-cli is executed with superuser privileges and it lists crashes from all users. The Package field shows the name and version of the Fedora package that contains the program, and the Executable field shows the location of the binary or script that crashed. The Crash Count field indicates how many times the same crash happened.